rose essential oil

Rose Essential Oil (Rose Otto, Attar of Rose, Attar of Roses or Rose Essence) is the Essential Oil extracted from the petals of the many different types of Rose. 

Rose Ottos are extracted through steam distillation, while Rose Absolutes are obtained through solvent extraction, the absolute being used more commonly in perfumery. Even with their high price, Rose Oils are still perhaps the most widely used essential oil in perfumery.

There are two most commonly used types of Rose cultivated for the production of Rose Essential Oil: 

Rosa Damascena, or the Damask Rose (widely grown in Syria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Iran and China), and Rosa Centifolia, the Cabbage Rose, which is more commonly grown in Morocco, France and Egypt.

Damask Roses are commonly used as they are some of the most fragrant Roses and are believed to be the original red roses with strongest aroma and highest oil content. The oil obtained from these Roses is composed of hundreds of components, out of which the major contributors are Citronellol, Citral, Carvone, Citronellyl Acetate, Eugenol, Ethanol, Farnesol, Stearpoten, Methyl Eugenol, Nerol, Nonanol, Nonanal, Phenyl Acetaldehyde, Phenylmenthyl Acetate and Phenyl Geraniol. 

It takes an incredibly large amount of rose petals to distill just a small amount of essential oil. Depending on extraction method and plant species, the typical yield can be around 1:3,000. 

To bring production cost down and profits up, some dishonest dealers will dilute Rose Oil with Geranium (Pelargonium Graveolens) or Palmarosa (Cymbopogon Martinii) Essential Oils, which are rich in geraniol, the main constituent of Rose Oil. Some of these so called "Rose Oils" are up to 90% Geranium or Palmarosa to just 10% Rose. 

Pure Rose Essential Oil should not be used directly on the skin, like most essential oils, as it can cause allergic reactions such as red skin and spots. 

Always consult a medical practitioner or qualified aromatherapist when considering using Essential Oils topically, and always dilute with a carrier oil. 

Rose Essential Oil purifies the blood by helping in the removal and neutralization of toxins. Once your blood is purified and free of toxins, you are protected from boils, rashes, ulcers, and skin diseases, as well as serious conditions that free radicals can cause, like cancer and heart diseases.

Rose Essential Oil makes the scars and after marks of boils, acne, and the pox on the skin fade quickly. This includes the fading of stretch marks and surgery scars. Much of this is due to the antioxidant activity of Rose Essential Oil, which spurs on the healing processes of the skin.

When it comes to aching muscles or a persistent cough, Rose Essential Oil can efficiently relieves spasms in the respiratory system and intestines, as well as muscular spasms in various limbs. It also helps cure convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and spasmodic cholera caused due to spasms.

It stimulates the hormone secretions which trigger menstruation. It is particularly effective for those suffering from obstructed and irregular periods. It also eases cramps, nausea, and fatigue while reducing the pain associated with menstruation and post-menopausal syndrome.

This oil can be used to help treat diarrhea, cholera, food poisoning, and other diseases which are caused by bacteria. It can help cure internal bacterial infections like those in the colon, stomach, intestines, and urinary tract, as well as external infections on the skin, ears, eyes, and wounds.

Rose Essential Oil can be used boost self-esteem, confidence, and mental strength while efficiently fighting depression. It has a familiar, uplifting scent, that can help clear your mind and settle anxieties. Diffuse in the home or workplace for a calm atmosphere and a clear mind.