With many years’ experience in fragrance development, here at QAL we have extensive market knowledge and an amazing array of products; vital when creating each individual scent and application. 

We work alongside our customers to provide a creative and cooperative environment where you can let your imagination run wild, ensuring that each product is specific to each individual and their needs. While creativity is essential, we also understand cost-effectiveness is a constant principal that is always under consideration. We develop creative solutions for you, utilising our endless technical, legislative and broad general knowledge of the fragrance industry. 

All of our fragrance compounds are verified carefully, at each and every stage of development, to ensure the needs and requirements are consistent throughout the development process. If you would like to read more about our analysis and testing, please see our Analytical Services page. 

We know that the only way to produce excellent products is by using excellent raw materials. We ensure that all materials are sourced only from trusted suppliers, as well as being verified in our laboratory before use. Please see our Products Page for more information on products and oils. 

We can supply your developed fragrances to you in a wide range of formats; from 100% Certified Organic, Natural Conventional Oils, to more commercially priced fragrance oils.  

Typical applications can include, but are not limited to Aromatherapy, Cosmetics, Fragrance, Health & Personal Care and Household. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our services and what we can offer, please contact us.